Education & Training

First, They Heal

While our warriors recover at military hospitals healing their physical wounds, the stark reality of their sacrifice confronts them. Acceptance of their disabilities and creating a vision for the future is paramount to their success.

Education/Training: OGN assists disabled veterans in choosing an education or training program that is right for them and that supports their plans for their future. OGN builds partnerships with universities, technical institutes, business training programs and other institutions to ensure disabled veterans receive the opportunities that meet their needs and capacities.

Life Planning: OGN’s coaches actively seek out disabled soldiers and work with them to develop a plan for a productive and satisfying future. These plans are individually tailored to the needs, capacities and dreams of each soldier.

svalogoStudent Veterans Association (SVA):
An OGN board member, who is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, has founded the Student Veterans Association to help vets transition from combat to college and continues to support them through the educational experience.


SVA Mission Statement:
The Student Veterans Association is a brotherhood of motivated, patriotic American veterans with an emphasis on scholastic, physical, emotional, and social support.

A typical veteran of our nations military does not fit the standard mold of a college freshman. The average age of this group is mid to late twenties with far broader life experiences than the typical 18 year old high school graduate. Currently, there are no organizations within a state college that are staffed by veterans, populated by veterans, and geared to specifically benefit military veterans.

Veterans of our nation’s military deserve every opportunity to excel in the civilian world. The SVA is an organization that provides a forum for these fine Americans to communicate, interact and support each other both on and off campus. The SVA maintains a website which offers daily communication, holds informative meetings, social gatherings, and contributes to the community through volunteer and charity work. There is currently one SVA operating at Sam Houston State University in Texas. It is the goal of SVA and OGN to grow SVA steadily on campuses across the United States.