Our Mission

Who are we?

A group of highly successful private business persons have joined forces to initiate an effort that will restore the lives and dignity of American soldiers who have made major personal sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan.  These private business persons are committed to setting the conditions by which disabled veterans returning from these wars can lead full, productive lives.  Operation Grateful Nation (OGN) believes that heroic sacrifices deserve extraordinary support. 


Soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan currently return to the United States to receive immediate medical care and a string of short term entertainment and travel opportunities.  This outpouring of support, although critical and well-deserved, is short lived.  As time passes and assistance wanes, these young soldiers are often left to their own resources to determine what they want to do with their lives and how to get there. Although governmental and non-government entities exist to provide such help, these soldiers need guidance and hands-on assistance to understand the opportunities at their disposal, navigate the system and take advantage of resources.  They also need new opportunities to build well-deserved new and exciting futures.  This is particularly the case for amputees, paralysis victims and other disabled veterans who will require extraordinary support to build productive futures.

Mission Statement

OGN will build hope and sustainable futures for severely disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan through career opportunities, education and assistance in life planning.  Using user-friendly and accessible assistance methods, and drawing upon the Board of Directors’ extensive high-level business and political connections,  OGN will leverage existing and new resources to help disabled veterans’ transition from medical wards to an exciting and dignified future.