The Mentors

OGN Mentors

Operation Grateful Nation was founded by a group of highly successful business persons who have a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts beneficial to disabled veterans in providing possibilities for a dignified future. Quite literally, any type of business in which a veteran would like to be involved can be accessed through the vast network of OGN.

Whether the disabled veteran starts a new business or is placed in an existing company, he or she is provided with a mentor who accepts substantial responsibility to help train, educate and promote professional development of his or her assigned veteran.

Types of Mentors

  1. Direct Mentor
    Mentor a disabled vet one on one, become his advisor and friend through his educational and career development. Welcome in all career fields.
  2. Associate Mentor
    Associate mentors supply contacts, job placement, internships or business opportunities. Welcome in all career fields.
  3. Advisory Mentor
    Mentors wishing to be involved in OGN efforts in the following capacity:

    • Government Advocacy
      OGN will work with relevant government leaders and agencies to strengthen and develop systems that ensure disabled veterans and their families are receiving the assistance to which they are entitled. OGN will consult with relevant government agencies to help identify gaps in assistance and make recommendations as to how to strengthen assistance efforts. This process will be lead by disabled veterans who have been through the process and may include a comprehensive survey of disabled soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
    • Public Awareness Raising
      OGN continues to undertake activities to increase awareness about the sacrifices made by disabled veterans and their families in their support of US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as about what is being done to assist them.

***There is no financial requirement to be a mentor; however donations are always needed and appreciated.
To be a mentor click here to download an application.